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  • Windows  printer drivers for Canon Color Bubble-jet Label/Card printers

 The Windows printer driver is developed for Canon ink-jet color Label/Card printer under Windows 3x and 95. We have developed a complete printer driver so that the driver incorporates a novel color halftoning algorithm. As a result, the driver makes it possible to produce photographic quality color images on printouts, generating WYSIWYG (what you see on the screen is what you get) effect.

  • Windows printer drivers for Photo printers
  • A Windows NT/2k printer driver is developed for a dye-sublimation color printer manufactured by a major digital imaging company. A complete printer driver is developed to achieve photo-realistic printing quality. In addition, color matching using ICC profiles is incorporated to ensure the color fidelity of printouts

  • Windows  printer drivers for DICOM printers

DICOM printers (Windows NT/2K/XP) are a class of printers for print X-ray films. DICOM is a standard to transmit and process medical images. DICOM printer drivers are developed so that any Windows applications can be used to print X-ray films using DICOM printers

  • Windows printer drivers for thermal receipt printers

Windows printer drivers (Windows 9x/ME, Windows NT/2K/XP) are developed for Thermal printers. The device driver incorporates a few error-handling capabilities so that the printer becomes more robust to various malfunctions by users. In these drivers, we provide our customers 1). The ability to improve the image printing quality; 2). Special requirements, such as ability to adjust printing speeds, thermal printing sensitivity, partial cuts, etc; 3). The ability to print high quality barcodes using device barcode fonts provided by printer manufacturers

  • Windows  printer drivers for laser printers
  • Windows printer drivers (Windows 9x/ME, Windows 2k/XP) are developed for an office laser printer.


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